Stop And Look Both Ways Before Crossing The Street!!!

"Do something, do something NOW!" what John Ottway played by Liam Neeson in The Grey called out when he had nothing else left in him to get him out the circumstance he was in.  He had survived a plane crash, a blizzard, and was surrounded by wolves on a side of a mountain in the middle of no where. 
There were seven men who survived the plane crash with him and one by one, throughout the movie, each man died accept him.  What broke John was the last man's death.  The man was under water, but his face was inches away from air (life).  The main character tried desperately to save him, but couldn't.  As the last man standing, he sat there all alone and broken,  looked up to the sky and shouted "if you are real, do something, do something now!"  I thought a helicopter or something like that was going to come and save him, but it was a "Thoughtitwasss!" moment and nothing happened.  So he got up and said, "I will do it myself!" Wrong answer. 

Sidenote: "Thoughtitwasss!" is teenage slang meaning you thought something was about to happen, but it didn't.  This is something my daughter and her friends say.

Is this how you feel sometimes when you call on God?  Does it feel like He is going to bail you out a situation because you prayed, but you hear in your spirit "Thoughtitwasss!" I know in my own life, this is how it happens at times.  When I call on God to help me and don't see any action or help from Him,  I would take on the same attitude the actor had in the movie, "I will do it myself!"  A lot of times I would TRY to resolve a situation in my own power because I thought I had the resources or skills to solve it.  In trying to do it myself, I would just dig myself into an even bigger hole where I had no other place to go, but to look up and call on God.  

Where am I going with this?  Believe it or not God is always at work and he always wants to help us.  The problem is we are so busy trying to resolve the issue ourselves we miss what He is trying to say to us.  It's like running a race.  We are so focused on winning the race, we start running before the race ever begins and become disqualified. The next time a situation comes up and you feel yourself ready to take action and resolve the issue yourself, do like we were taught as children before crossing a street. You just don't run across the street to the other side, you stop, look both ways, and when it is clear, you go.  Stop, pray, and ask God what to do you FIRST before crossing the street so you won't get hit or blindsided by your own actions.

What if you have no idea what all this God talk is about and don't give a hill of beans about it.  Stop, pray (praying is just talking to God), and ask Him to help you understand the truth, the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He will because He loves you and doesn't want you to miss out on the greatest FREE gift you could ever have and that is the FREE gift of life, Eternal life.  

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