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Series: Living In The Shadows
Title: The Blame Game Teacher: Dr David Anderson
Description: Our human way of deflecting from our own wrongfulness is to blame others, sometime without being conscious of it. When we point at others we have several fingers point back at ourselves and unless someone points out our deflection, we often feel justified in pointing at everyone else but ourselves.


Having Multiple Bank Accounts Can Make You Money!

I was doing research on multiple bank accounts and if there was a limit to how many you can have with one bank.  I came across this article at Go Bank Rates listing banks that you can have multiple bank accounts. Most of them you can have unlimited accounts. They also outline the benefits of having multiple bank accounts. All the benefits were good, but not as good as the reason WHY I was doing the research in the first place.

500 Dollar Blueprint - How To Make Money Answering Short Surveys

I finally got my wife to try a program! Can you believe it?  Lol.  It's a little program called the 500 Dollar Blue Print. In a nutshell you are doing short little surveys (less than 30 seconds each). You WILL make money if you follow the blue print.

The Truth About MLM Network Marketing

How much are you paying for your cable or satellite TV each month? How would like to eliminate your cable or satellite bill altogether?  Click here!

Numedia Firestick FireTV install

How would you like to cut your cable or satellite bill in half or eliminate it altogether?

The service is call Numedia which is a new streaming TV service that is offering just about every cable or satellite channel but at half the cost. Refer 5 people to the service and your service becomes free. The cost…a whopping $50 per month with over 2,000 channels.

Quick Numedia Streaming TV Service In-Home Demo

This is your chance to give people exactly what they want—exactly what they are already paying for—with more options, more choices, for far less cost.

-2,122 channels
-HD channels
-Spanish channels (500+)
-All the sports channels
-All the premium movie channels included
-Full Enhanced Programming Guide, just as you have with your Cable or Satellite
-Favorites to organized your favorite channels
-24/7 Channels (Watch "The Simpsons" 24 hours per day, for example)
-15-Day Free Trial
-Watch on up to 5 devices at the same time, with no limitations on location
-Refer five friends and your TV is free
-Plays via Android app (Watch on TV via Amazon Firestick, phone, tablet, Chromebook, Fire Tablet, etc.)

Keto on a Budget Meal Prep Video | $5 a Day Meal Prep for 5 Days | Simpl...

What is Bitcoin Mining?

Now that you understand how mining Bitcoin works, let me share with you how I am mining cryptocurrency the easy way. 

It's called Mintage Mining. Here is another video that goes a little more in depth about the company.  

If you would like to open a free account through Mintage mining to experience cryptocurrency mining for yourself, Click here or go to 

What your doctor doesn't know about high blood pressure could kill you!

Author: Alan Goldhamer, D.C.

High blood pressure, also known as "hypertension," is the number one reason people visit their doctor in the United States. Each year, more than 100 million doctor visits are made for the medical management of this condition. High blood pressure is both a sign, as well as a causal factor, in heart attacks, strokes, and congestive heart failure, which makes it the leading associated cause of death and disability in westernized societies.

Kwame Mayes - The Truth About MLM (Network Marketing)

Why do some people call MLM or Network Marketing businesses a scam or a pyramid scheme? I believe it comes from a lack of understanding and/or they joined a MLM business that did things in an unethical way. I hope this video enlightens you to a better understanding of MLM (network marketing) businesses and how it can benefit you financially. If you would like to learn a simple to way to generate a generous 2nd income visit:

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