Numedia Firestick FireTV install

How would you like to cut your cable or satellite bill in half or eliminate it altogether?

The service is call Numedia which is a new streaming TV service that is offering just about every cable or satellite channel but at half the cost. Refer 5 people to the service and your service becomes free. The cost…a whopping $50 per month with over 2,000 channels.

Quick Numedia Streaming TV Service In-Home Demo

This is your chance to give people exactly what they want—exactly what they are already paying for—with more options, more choices, for far less cost.

-2,122 channels
-HD channels
-Spanish channels (500+)
-All the sports channels
-All the premium movie channels included
-Full Enhanced Programming Guide, just as you have with your Cable or Satellite
-Favorites to organized your favorite channels
-24/7 Channels (Watch "The Simpsons" 24 hours per day, for example)
-15-Day Free Trial
-Watch on up to 5 devices at the same time, with no limitations on location
-Refer five friends and your TV is free
-Plays via Android app (Watch on TV via Amazon Firestick, phone, tablet, Chromebook, Fire Tablet, etc.)

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What is Bitcoin Mining?

Now that you understand how mining Bitcoin works, let me share with you how I am mining cryptocurrency the easy way. 

It's called Mintage Mining. Here is another video that goes a little more in depth about the company.  

If you would like to open a free account through Mintage mining to experience cryptocurrency mining for yourself, Click here or go to