Can "Commuting" Miles Ever Be Converted Into Tax Deductible Mileage?

This one is not spelled out as clearly as some other deductions, but it can be pieced it together…

IRS Revenue Ruling 90-23 states:
“Daily transportation costs for going between the taxpayer’s RESIDENCE and one or more regular places of business or employment are NON-deductible Personal Commuting expenses. [ IRC §262; Revenue Ruling 90-23, and IRS Bulletin 1990-11 ]

Stop And Look Both Ways Before Crossing The Street!!!

"Do something, do something NOW!" what John Ottway played by Liam Neeson in The Grey called out when he had nothing else left in him to get him out the circumstance he was in.  He had survived a plane crash, a blizzard, and was surrounded by wolves on a side of a mountain in the middle of no where. 

A Valentines Love Note To My Boo...My Wife

When you are alone you have time to think about your ups in your life and your downs. You have time to think about your past and your future. You have time to think about your failures and your successes. You have time to think about why you were even created, why God put you here.